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Cheirogaleus major É. Geoffroy, 1812

Scientist name: 
É. Geoffroy, 1812
Tsitsihy, Tsidy, Hataka, Kelybehohy (southeast)
Greater Dwarf Lemur
Grosser Fettschwanzmaki
Other english: 
Geoffroy’s Dwarf Lemur
Grand Cheirogale



The greater dwarf lemur is one of the larger members of the genus Cheirogaleus. Its head-body length is 23–25 cm, tail length 25–28 cm, total length 50–55 cm, and its body weight averages 350–400 g, with a seasonal variation from 250 to 500 g (Fietz, 2003). The dorsal coat is gray-brown, and the ventral coat is gray. The dark reddish dorsal midline stripe, when present, is not very distinct. The mid-facial zone is pale and lacks a distinct stripe. This lighter region does not extend above the level of the eyes, the eye rings themselves are not distinct, and the snout is dark. The ears are naked. As indicated above in the generic description for Cheirogaleus, Groeneveld et al. (2009) found three terminal clades within C. major, which may well turn out to be distinct species. Cheirogaleus major may easily be confused with other sympatric species of Cheirogaleus in the few places where such sympatry occurs (see below).