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Microcebus danfossi Olivieri et al., 2007

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Olivieri et al., 2007
Ambarijeby Mouse Lemur
Other english: 
Danfoss’ Mouse Lemur
Microcèbe d’Ambarijeby, Microcèbe de Danfoss



Microcebus danfossi is a large mouse lemur, difficult to distinguish in the field from M. bongolavensis and M. ravelobensis. The head-body length is 12.7–13.6 cm, the tail length is 16.5–17.3 cm, the total length is 29.5–30.7 cm, and the body weight is about 63 g (Olivieri et al., 2007a; E. E. Louis Jr., unpubl. data). The fur is short, dense and bicolored, being maroon on the dorsum with an orange tinge (sometimes showing a faint dorsal line), while the underside is creamy-white. The tail is the same color as the dorsum, although the fur changes from short and dense on the proximal part to longer and scarcer at the tip. There is a distinct white stripe between the eyes, and the ears are rufous. The hands and feet, though poorly haired, are of the same white as between the eyes (Olivieri et al., 2007a).