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Cheirogaleus sibreei (Forsyth Major, 1896)

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
(Forsyth Major, 1896)
Sibree’s Dwarf Lemur
Sibree’s Fettschwanzmaki
Other english: 
Cheirogale de Sibree



Cheirogaleus sibreei is one of five dwarf lemurs identified by Groves (2000, 2001) as belonging to the C. major group. This species was first described by Forsyth Major in 1896, but subsequently considered a junior synonym of C. major. Groves (2000) resurrected this species based on four skins in museum collections (the type specimen in the British Museum, a skin from Imerina in the Humboldt Museum, Berlin, and two specimens from Pasandava Bay, north of the Ampisandava Peninsula, in Naturalis (the Rijksmuseum in Leiden). No more recent information was available concerning its range in the wild until the species was identified in a small patch of forest in Tsinjoarivo by Blanco et al. (2009). Blanco et al. (2009) measured 15 individuals: head-body length with a mean of 21.8 ±0.9 cm (range 20.5–23.5 cm), tail length 23.5 cm ±1.3 cm (range 22.0– 26.5 cm), and body mass with a mean of 272.1 ±35.6 g (range 219.0–359.5 g).
This species has gray-fawn fur on the dorsum and cap, with or without a darker dorsal median line (see Fig. 7.64). There is light gray or creamy fur (with whitish tips and darker roots) on the ventrum, this lighter coloration continuing cranially as bands extending onto the sides of the neck, but not the back, though it does extend up the flanks and along the outsides of the thighs. The orbits are surrounded by distinct, broad and very black eye rings. There may be thin extensions of this black coloration (or none at all) delineating the sides of the muzzle, but the dominant color of the muzzle is only slightly grayer than the dorsal fur and very uniform, and the rhinarium tends to be pink. The ears are naked, and the pinnae are dark with sparse hair on their inner and outer surfaces. The hands and feet are pink ventrally and gray-brown dorsally (Blanco et al., 2009; M. Blanco, pers. comm.; see also Groves, 2000).