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Microcebus mittermeieri Louis et al., 2006

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Louis et al., 2006
Tsidy an’i-Mittermeier
Mittermeier’s Mouse Lemur
Mittermeier’s Mausmaki
Other english: 
Microcèbe de Mittermeier



Microcebus mittermeieri is the smallest mouse lemur in Madagascar’s eastern rain forests, and indeed ranks with M. myoxinus and M. berthae in body size. The head-body length is just 8 cm, with a 12 cm tail, a total length of about 20 cm, and an average adult weight of just over 40 g (Louis et al., 2006a). The head and dorsal coat are light reddish- brown to rust, with an orange tint at the base of the forelimbs and hindlimbs, while the ventral coat is whitish-brown. The tail is brown above with a darker brown mid-dorsal stripe and a black tip. A distinctive white patch extends along the rostrum past the level of its eyes, which are underlined with yellow. The latter coloration is also present under the chin and extends along the ventral aspect of the neck. According to Louis et al. (2006a), the overall color is lighter than that of M. rufus.