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Microcebus macarthurii Radespiel et al., 2008

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Radespiel et al., 2008
Anjiahely Mouse Lemur
MacArthurs’ Mausmaki
Other english: 
MacArthur’s Mouse Lemur
Microcèbe d’Anjiahely, Microcèbe de MacArthur



Microcebus macarthurii is a large mouse lemur with a head-body length of 11–12 cm, a tail length of 14.7 cm, a total length of 26 cm, and a body weight of around 53 g (Radespiel et al., 2008). The dorsum is covered in short, dense, reddish-brown fur from head to tail, with a broad, dark rufous midline stripe. The head is rufous, turning orange on the cheeks; it is dark brownish around the eyes, but with the characteristic white interocular stripe of the genus. The ears are a darker rufous. A lighter reddish color extends towards the outer upper legs and arms. The tail is reddish-brown and densely furred, being darker on the dorsal than the ventral side, and middle-brown towards the tip. The ventrum is yellowish- orange with a creamy-white coloration on the ventral throat and the genital region. The hands and feet are sparsely haired with grayish-white (Radespiel et al., 2008).
This species can be distinguished from Microcebus mittermeieri by its larger size (Radespiel et al., 2008).