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Microcebus myoxinus Peters, 1852

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Peters, 1852
Tsidy, Malajira
Peters’ Mouse Lemur
Other english: 
Pygmy Mouse Lemur, Dormouse Lemur
Microcèbe de Peters, Microcèbe pygmée



Microcebus myoxinus is one of the smaller mouse lemurs, with a head-body length of 12–13 cm, a tail length of 14–15 cm, a total length of 26–28 cm, and a body weight of 43–55 g (Rasoloarison et al., 2000). The dorsal coat is rufous-brown with a distinct reddish-brown midline stripe. The ventral coat is pale yellow-brown to pale gray in color. The tail is darker toward the tip. The ears are relatively short. A light cinnamon patch between the eyes darkens to reddish behind the orbits and to a tawny crown and ears. The dark eyebrows are prominent. Furred portions of the hands and feet are whitish-gray to whitish-beige.
Although this species may be sympatric with other mouse lemurs, it is difficult to give precise information on how to distinguish between them. Since some of the sympatric species may still be undescribed, further research on western mouse lemurs is clearly needed. In addition, Microcebus myoxinus is sympatric with several other nocturnal genera, including Cheirogaleus, Mirza, Phaner, and Lepilemur, but can be distinguished from them by its smaller size.