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Propithecus deckenii Peters, 1870

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Peters, 1870
Sifaka, Tsibahaka
Decken’s Sifaka
Von der Decken’s Sifaka
Propithèque de von der Decken



Propithecus deckenii is a medium-sized, white sifaka from western Madagascar. It has a head-body length of 42–48 cm, a tail length of 50–60 cm, a total length of 92–110 cm, and a weight of 3.0–4.5 kg (Tattersall, 1982). The dorsal coat is creamy-white with tints varying from gold to pale brown on the neck, shoulders, back and limbs. The face is black, but usually with a patch of white fur running across it. Bony pockets on either side of the muzzle give this animal a rather blunt-nosed appearance, but not as extreme as in the crowned sifaka (Propithecus coronatus).

Decken’s sifaka is easy to distinguish from other lemurs within its range except for P. coronatus, with which it may partially overlap in limited areas. Propithecus coronatus is also predominantly white, but has a distinctive dark brown to black hood, extending onto the shoulders. It has a very distinct and unusual bulbous nose.