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Lepilemur mittermeieri Rabarivola et al., 2006

Scientific name: 
Scientist name: 
Rabarivola et al., 2006
Apongy, Fitsidika
Mittermeier’s Sportive Lemur
Mittermeier’s Wieselmaki
Other english: 
Lépilémur de Mittermeier



Lepilemur mittermeieri is a small sportive lemur with a head-body length of 27.1–29.2 cm, a tail length of 25.4–28.1 cm, a total length of 53.1–56.6 cm, and a body weight of 730 g (E. E. Louis Jr., unpubl. data). The dorsum is reddish-gray, with a dark brown to black midline stripe occasionally present on the top of the head. The tail is a uniform light reddish-gray to brown but darkens towards the tip. The face is gray and mask-like with whiter pelage under the eyes, extending under the mandible (Rabarivola et al., 2006; E. E. Louis Jr., pers. obs.). The taxonomy of the sportive lemurs in this part of Madagascar still remains to be clarified, especially the relationship between this species, L. dorsalis, and L. tymerlachsonorum.